1. You need to ski (or board) in order to aprés ski. This might seem obvious, but it isn’t. If you plan on going for aprés, get your butt on the mountain. And preferably off it too.

2. Look the part. Aprés ski entails wearing ski apparel and gear. Style doesn’t matter, as long as it works on snow. So skip switching to those tight, nice looking jeans and get on table wearing your boots.

3. Never walk alone. Aprés ski is about meeting people. A ski trip without making new friends is no ski trip! Invite you lift chair buddy for a round of Flügels and make bff’s-

4. Learn the lingo. “How was the pow?” “Shredding was gnarly today. But still sick.” If you know how to answer, good. If not, make sure you nail the ski talk before you go for aprés. A’ight?

5. Go crazy! The best thing about an aprés ski party is that you get in bed early enough to ski the day after. It’s a win-win! Great, right? Just make sure go make your way home…


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