There is no doubt that one of the most important ingredients for aprés ski is music. The right tune can get people onto tables, to jump, to lean back and shout from the top of their lungs. In order to create the perfect aprés you need a handful of ski boot-shaking master melodies. We have listed the top 7 aprés ski compositions.
Country Roads:
An epic classic that works in every country, with every audience and in every hour. It has everything.
500 miles:
The best “call and response”-song in the world. Singer screams “sha-la-laaaa-la” and the audience repeat. Then you do that until It’s time to refill your beer.
Highway to Hell:
“Not a proper Apres Ski without at least one AC/DC-song”, as they say. Very true. And this is your hardest rocking AC/DC-song with an absolute killer chorus. Top 3 best beer drinking song in the world.
Every Apres ski reaches that moment when you just wanna hug your neighbour, scream lyrics you almost know as loud as possible, turn down the lights and just let the love flow. This song will be your perfect anthem.
Don’t stop believing:
The title stands for itself: This song is a must for any Apres ski! Side note: You know the band on stage has done a good job if the audience oversings the piano in the intro. The louder, the better!
Mother of all hard rocking Apres ski anthems. You jump, you dance, you shout, you sing, you laugh… and then the keyboard solo comes. Magic! On top of this: This is one of the best Air Guitar-songs of all times.
Living on a prayer:
No comments needed: this song was built for Apres Ski. The intro, the riff, the build-up… And then that face-melting chorus. Perfection!



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